Could you sponsor a 21K Digital Media Trainee?

The founders of 21K Digital Media have an excellent track record helping traditionally ‘hard-to-reach’ young people who are not in education or training to rekindle into learning at their own pace with a mentor to assist them to overcome any barriers that prevent them from dropping out of their learning environment.

Our 21K Digital Media Employable Bootcamps are deliver by highly qualified freelance trainers working in the industry to provide our beneficiaries with the skills that the industry needs.  After beneficiaries completed the three-week Digital Marketing Bootcamp they will spend six weeks working on live projects to show potential apprenticeship employers their creative portfolios.   

Our mission is to help 100 unemployed young people to apply for an apprenticeship successfully by December 2022

The unemployment rate in Enfield is over 6,000 16-24 year olds on Universal Credit.  Enfield is heading in the same direction as in 2014, where 40% of black males living in Edmonton were unemployed and contributed to having the second highest serious youth violence in London.

21K Digital Media already supports young people from diverse backgrounds, especially those young people who are under-represented in the Tech and Media industry to gain the digital and employability skills they need to compete for a tech apprenticeship successfully.

We’re based in Edmonton Green Shopping Centre and work in collaboration with Edmonton Green Shopping Centre Management, apprenticeship training providers, Enfield Council and employers, to improve access to traineeships and apprenticeships for disadvantaged unemployed young people living in Enfield and surrounding areas.

We are keen to help young Black people who are experiencing double the rate of unemployment than their white counterparts.

How will our Sponsors benefit?

After our Digital Marketing trainees complete the Digital Marketing Bootcamp, they will be assisted to complete a project on your behalf. They will take your social media marketing brief from you and create a social media campaign for your business or organisation.

A donation of £500 will assign a student to shoot and edit a three-minute video marketing campaign for your website or social media platforms.    

A donation of £250.00 will assign a student to complete a 4-page website for your business or organisation. Please tick box if you would like to donate to this package.

Thank you for considering supporting a young person to reach their full potential by providing work experience, apprenticeship or make a donation to sponsor a trainee on our Digital Skills Bootcamp. 

For further information please contact Colin

Digital ambassadors

You can be a digital ambassador by signing up to our emails and following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. By sharing your support with your family, friends and colleagues, you can help spread the word.

Hiring talented young people from a diverse culture boosts productivity, cultivates talent, and builds a diverse workforce. It improves creativity and productivity within team while helping to build a rich relationship with London’s diverse communities. Your support could help improve diversity and inclusion in the digital and tech industry.

Please support our mission to empower those who are under-represented  in the digital tech industry and build a fairer society. Reduce the disproportional in youth unemployment among black and other ethnic minority young people now.


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Digital Marketing Bootcamp

To achieve this, we provide a Six-week introductory Digital Marketing Bootcamp followed by three weeks of career planning support to enable young people to have an understanding of the role of a digital marketer and to gain the necessary entry level skills to apply for a digital marketing apprenticeship successfully.

You can sponsor a young person today!

If, like us, you believe that all young people no matter what their background or ethnicity should have the skills to start a career in the Tech industry, please sponsor a young person or become part of our community and help us share this important message.

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