Our vision is to develop the next generation of creative minds to be tomorrow’s leaders in the digital and creative industries.

21K Digital Media is a new social enterprise. Our mission to increase access to digital media and technology apprenticeships. We have a team of digital media and technology experts working together to write, develop, and deliver industry-based digital media and technology courses. Our team of highly skilled experts is working to ensure that the training we deliver, is proficiently tailored to help our clients compete for digital media and ICT apprenticeships successfully.

Digital skills are increasingly vital to everyone’s lives today. It is estimated that around 90% of all jobs over the next 20 years will need some level of digital skills. It’s essential for digital natives from a diverse backgrounds to have the opportunity to equip themselves with most digital and soft skills, essential to gain employment in the digital media and tech industry.

21K Digital Media Hub is the only facility of its kind in Edmonton for young people who:

  1. Have left school without achieving their full academic potential and have not gained the GCSE grades that are normally the entry-level requirements for high-value apprenticeships in the digital and tech industries.
  2. Fail to satisfy the academic requirements of conventional training institutions.
  3. Have come out of prison and want to pursue a career in the tech and digital industry.
  4. 21K Digital Media & Technology Hub is the right environment to get creativity  in a fun and friendly place, mixing with other like-minded people.

We have experienced tutors to help you develop your creative mind to give you the best career opportunities in the Digital Media & Technology Industry.

Our approach means we:

  • Increase Access to Digital Media and Technology Apprenticeships for disadvantaged young people who are under-represented in the media and technology industries.
  • Deliver high-quality digital media and IT training, which is cost-effective and produces results for our clients,
  • Develop a collaborative approach with digital media and technology apprenticeship employers, in order to encourage them to recruit from a pool of talented individuals from a diverse background to make profits in the changing world.