Shocking figures in black and white

21K Digital Media is dedicated to providing education and employment opportunities for underprivileged young people in London and, the new 21K Digital Media Boot Camp aims to address the balance when it comes to the tech industry.  According to the Learning and Work Institute, BAME candidates have a success rate of just 3.7% when applying for information and communication technology apprenticeships.  21K Digital Media is joining with the Mayor of London’s Talent Path initiative in order to drive real change for young people, in particular young black males in London.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has highlighted the fact that young black men face some of the highest unemployment rates in London – a staggering 33% according to recent figures by the UK’s leading independent race-equality think tank.  21K Digital Media will be seeking Mr Khan’s support in launching its innovative Digital Media Bootcamp to help reboot these shocking statistics.

The future is bright

The 21K Digital Media Bootcamp will be held at the organisation’s Digital Media Hub and will provide training, workshops and career advice to those from the BAME community; many of whom have lost jobs within the retail and leisure sectors due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

21K Digital Media is the brainchild of Colin Lee-Own, an Edmonton resident of 53 years.  Colin works tirelessly to improve life for young people within London and, on the 23rd of January, 21K Digital Media held a launch event for its new Digital Media Hub – a unique facility which offers much needed technology and media training to young people within the community. 

Living in Edmonton, north London, presents a number of problems for young and disadvantaged people due to a lack of jobs, training opportunities and apprenticeships.  35.5% of area’s residents currently hold no qualifications and, this has, unfortunately, resulted in Edmonton placing second in the whole of London when it comes to youth violence.  This vicious circle has, of course, been further exacerbated by the pandemic which has led to further unemployment in the district.