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As a 21st century educational provider, our programmes utilise the technology that you’re most comfortable using in school and at home. Our specialist teachers use a unique teaching style, which has been specifically developed to teach online and provide highly interactive, exciting and personalised learning. When you enrol, we assess your current academic level by looking at your present and previous academic records to assess what level you’re currently performing at, and what areas need to be improved. All of our tutors are qualified and experienced professionals, who work within National Curriculum subjects and standards.

CareerPaths Online understands that it’s essential for parents to be kept informed of their child’s progress on a regular basis. We’ve created an online learning platform where parents can speak to their child's tutor online as required, receive updated progress reports, and view their online lessons and course work. Our tutors work in partnership with parents to enable their child to maximise their true academic potential.

We provide online tutoring in

Key Stage Three GCSE AS/A Level
English English English Literature
Maths Maths English Language
Science Science Maths (Pure & Statistics)
ICT ICT Business Studies
  Business & Communication Systems  
How Much Does It Cost?
One-to-One Tutoring 15 mins 30 mins 45 mins
Experienced Tutors £7.00 £11.00 £15.00
Qualified Tutors £10.00 £14.00 £18.00
Functional Skills & Vocational Training:

Our functional skills and vocational programmes equip young people with current employability skills, so that they are ready to compete in the global job market.

The CareerPaths Online programme aims to tackle youth unemployment by enhancing the basic job skills required by prospective employers. Our programme is entirely flexible and applicable within the work environment. Functional skills are core elements of English, Maths and ICT that provide individuals with the skills needed to thrive successfully in life, the community and the work place.

CareerPaths Online provides functional skills training in:
English - Available from Entry Level to Level 2
Maths - Available from Entry Level to Level 2
ICT - Available from Entry Level to Level 2

CareerPaths Online provides vocational training in Retail:
Entrepreneurial skills
IT & E-commerce
Health & Social Care

For further information, please email:
Tel: 0207 1128583

Careers Development Support:

CareerPaths Online offers these online learning modules:
(1) Career planning
(2) Creating an effective CV
(3) Job search techniques

You can use these learning resources to help you decide which career might suit you, then write an effective CV and improve your job search techniques.

Our Career Development team is also available to provide one-to-one online support in writing your CV or covering letter , as well as helping you with research and improving your interview skills. Through career planning and job search techniques, we will help you to keep in touch with employment opportunities and realise your career goals.

How Much Does It Cost?
Cost 15 mins 30 mins 45 mins
One-to-One Tutoring £10.00 £15.00 £20.50
Group of 4 Students £7.00 £12.00 £15.00
Access to Online Learning Resources 1 week 4 weeks 12 weeks
Career Planning £3.00 £10.00 £25.50
Creating an Effective CV £4.00 £11.00 £30.50
Job Search & Interview Techniques £5.00 £11.00 £30.50