How is CareerPaths Online different from the other career development sites on the internet?
CareerPaths Online is run by a team of career development experts who have been working in the field for up to 15 years. CareerPaths Online has its own in-house e-learning resources for career development. This means we have unique online course materials specially designed for young people.
When I tried online learning before, my tutor was not an expert in my subject. Is CareerPaths Online any different?
Before we assign you a tutor or mentor, we will arrange to discuss your learning needs and the type of individual support you need.
We will then find you a tutor or mentor who is qualified in the subject areas you are studying. They will give you one-to-one support to get the most out of our programmes.
I found school very difficult and left with no qualifications. I’ve now been out of education and training for 4 years. I don’t think I’ve got the skills I need to get a decent job. Can you help me?
Our CareerPaths course may well help you. It is for young people who have left school and are not sure what career options are available to them. On the programme, your tutor and mentor will help you gain confidence and develop the skills to help you find a job or a course that suits you.
We will provide confidential face-to-face and online support. Your personal mentor will show you how to search for jobs, will help you with filling in application forms, and will help you prepare for interviews.
What do I do if I’m not happy with my tutor?
We are committed to resolving problems as quickly as possible. When you enrol you will receive our complaints procedure. This tells you exactly what action to take if you are unhappy with anything.