Our aim is to use technology and social media platforms to deliver first-class education and training to enable young people to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to compete in the global market.

We endeavour to develop partnerships with employers, community organisations, training and educational providers to ensure that our training meets the highest standards and that it is also relevant to employers' needs.

CareerPaths Online is innovative. We use various training methods to assist young people who may be socially and economically disadvantaged and who are underachieving at school or who have been unemployed and need to develop vital skills to prepare them for the world of work.

Our in-house team consists of highly qualified and experienced trainers, mentors, multimedia developers, video producers, course designers and programmers.

Together, we are committed to assisting individuals who want to improve their career prospects, but lack confidence and are unsure which career path might suit them. We use various media and technologies to achieve this.

We are experts in producing personalised educational and career development programmes to meet the diverse needs within the community.

We understand how people learn. Our e-learning content is structured and paced so that the users are able to understand, absorb and retain the learning points and rapidly put them into practice.  

Due to advancements in information technology, which is now used for social networking to gain information, knowledge and learn new skills, the education system and the way we learn and communicate have evolved greatly.

CareerPaths Online sees this as an opportunity. It enables those who face barriers in class room-led training and those who need to work in their own time, to gain the necessary qualifications and skills to improve their career prospects.